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Scheduled Maintenance
The following Scheduled Maintenance table is suggested to maximize the safety, efficiency, and life of your vehicle. These recommendations are based on "severe" use of your vehicle.
Service Description Recommended Maintenance/Inspection Intervals

Headlights & Small Bulbs                                           Check Weekly
Conventional Oil and Lube                                         3,000 Miles/3 Months
Battery                                                                           6,000 Mile Inspection
C-V Boots                                                                       6,000 Mile Inspection
Tire Rotation                                                                 10,000 Miles
Air Filter                                                                         12,000 Mile Inspection
Cabin Air Filter                                                              12,000 Mile Inspection
Cooling System Service                                               12,000 Miles/12 Months
Fuel Filter (Carburetor)                                                12,000 Miles
Fuel Filter (Injection)                                                     20,000 Miles
PCV Valve                                                                       12,000 Miles/24 Months
Shock Absorbers                                                           12,000 Mile Inspection
Steering Parts                                                                12,000 Mile Inspection
Struts & Cartridges                                                       12,000 Mile Inspection
Wheel Bearings Repack Seals (Non-Drive Axle)       12,000 Miles
Wiper Blades                                                                 12,000 Mile Inspection
Air Conditioning Service                                              24,000 Miles/24 Months
Brakes                                                                            24,000 Mile Inspection
C-V Joints                                                                        24,000 Mile Inspection
Drive Axle Bearings & Seals                                        24,000 Mile Inspection
Fan/Accessory Belts                                                     24,000 Mile Inspection
Fuel Injector Service                                                     45,000 Miles
Suspension Parts                                                          24,000 Mile Inspection
Transmission Service                                                   24,000 Miles/24 Months
Oxygen Sensor                                                              30,000 Mile Inspection
Cooling System Hoses                                                 36,000 Miles/36 Months
Universal Joints                                                             36,000 Mile Inspection
Vacuum Modulator                                                      36,000 Miles/36 Months
*Your vehicle manufacturer's recommendation and warranty requirements may differ. Consult your owner's manual for additional information.
30/60/90K Scheduled Maintenance
Maintenance Services:

• Premier 50 pt. safety service
• Drain & renew engine oil & oil filter
• Replace spark plugs (platinum plugs due at 90K - additional charge)
• Replace fuel filter
• Replace air filter
• Replace A/C cabin filter
• Replace serpentine/drive belts
• Replace PCV valve
• Replace wiper blades
• Flush radiator/cooling system
• Flush transmission fluid
• Flush brake fluid
• Flush fuel injection system
• Flush power steering system
• Flush engine system
• Check, clean & adjust brakes (replace if needed)
• Rotate tires & adjust air pressure
• Service & check battery
• Top off all fluid levels
• Check A/C & heater operation
• Lubricate suspension, ball joints & grease points
• Reset service maintenance light

Inspection Items:

• PCV, emission system
• Coolant protection & pH
• Air breather & filter
• All hoses
• Check engine fan operation
• Check clutch (adjust/replace if needed)
• Suspension & steering components
• Exhaust system
• Brake lines, brake master cylinder & hoses
• Suspension alignment & tire wear
• Engine/transmission mounts
• Timing belt
• Distributor cap & rotor
• Ignition wires
• CV joints & boots